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Gene Simmons offers personal delivery of ‘The Vault Experience’

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DALLAS -- Let’s be real music lovers, the chances of your favorite artist popping by your house sometime soon to sing a song or two, are probably not very high. But if you're a kiss fan, Gene Simmons has something special for you.

The legend and co-founder of Kiss wants to celebrate 50 years in the game and he stopped by morning dose for a little kiss and tell.

"I wanted to do something you can touch and feel that spans half a century - 50 years 150 tracks that have never been released.

"Co-written songs with Bob Dylan/ In fact, there’s even a songwriting session Bob Dylan and I writing at the same time, Van Halen Brothers and Joe Perry, like all kind of stuff."

Introducing The Vault Box Set!

"Look at the size of this thing, this is a monster. The Vault is literally 3 ft., 38 pounds and has more goodies inside of it than you can shake - well it’s a family show so you can’t really shake anything at it,” jokes Simmons. You can literally go to  And because you guys have made me well off, I want to give back and personally fly and hand deliver my vault to you."

Of course, the vault will cost you a pretty penny - like $2000 to be exact. But hey, getting it personally dropped off by Simmons, now that’s a reason to live!


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