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ESPN apologizes to UNT for using “Mean Green” when referring to Michigan State

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When it comes to sports you refer to the teams either by where they are from or by their mascot.

That's why many in North Texas were confused when ESPN started referring to the Michigan State Spartans as "Mean Green" in a promo for their Saturday night game against Michigan.


Pretty big oversight for the self proclaimed "worldwide leader in sports."

You see "mean green" is the nickname for the University Of North Texas.

And the error, if you will, got the attention of the UNT athletic director, Wren Baker, who tweeted out the fact that "mean green" is trademarked and a cease and desist letter was on the way.

After that -- ESPN reached out to Baker saying in part that they inadvertently used the words "mean green" and corrected the commercial after becoming aware of the issue.

And for all you mean green fans out there: you can catch their next game on Saturday October 14th at 6PM right here on CW33!

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