How will the Las Vegas mass shooting affect tourism?

More than 43 million people visit Las Vegas every year, but will that change after Sunday night's massacre?

It's probably too soon to say for sure, but a big drop would cause a serious set-back to the more than 100,000 jobs that rely on tourism.

Yep, tourism  makes up 44 percent of the Vegas work force.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says more than a quarter of a million people work  at hotels, restaurants and casinos in and around Vegas.

So a drop in visitors could eventually leave thousands of people without jobs!

But travel experts say people will not stop going to Vegas.

"Visitors are resilient when it comes to this kind of isolated incident and do not relate it to the destination," the World Travel and Tourism Council said. "We believe that travel and tourism in Las Vegas will hold up."

Some experts say if trips to Vegas are canceled following the shootings, tourism  will bounce back just as it has in Paris and London following terror attacks.

"People have short memories and it's probably not a long lasting impact on travelers," Patrick Surry, the Chief Data Scientist at Hopper said.

In other words, people will continue living their lives in the face of violence, but they will  never forget the innocent victims who lost their lives.