Selfie Alert! Deep Ellum unveils Wall of #KindComments

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DALLAS -- Deep Ellum's getting a colorful reminder to be kind.

Local artist Dallas Clayton teamed up with Instagram to create a kind comments mural.

"The more kindness and joy that you can share in the face of adversity the better off we'll all be," Clayton said.

This baby is filled with inspirational messages reminding everyone that we're all in this together.

"We're just celebrating kindness, compassion, and positivity on and off the platform. with our most incredible creative communities across the US," saidĀ Bernadette Anat from Instagram.

Two stars from Disney Channel's Bizaardvark showed up for the event to help present the very first kind comments award to a Dallas teen who uses her own art to promote positivity. "I think we should make it the norm that people are kind on social media. Kindness is not a trend, it's something forever."

And hey, with all the craziness going in the world, a little bit of Saturday joy couldn't hurt.