New video: Michael Bennett vs. Vegas police

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LAS VEGAS, NV — New video shows an NFL star’s police take down!

Back in August, Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett claimed cops in Las Vegas singled him out because he’s black, but police say body cam and surveillance video proves that’s a lie!

Las Vegas Metro Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo said in a presser, “The tactics we train and the actions of the officers use that night were intended to safely bring to an end the situation. In fact, I applaud all of the officers that night that did not wait and see what was happening. They instead went bravely in.”

The sheriff calls the officer’s take down justified because when the cops told everyone to get down after gun shots were heard, Bennett ran, and it looked suspicious.

TMZ Sports has the body cam video, and the officers are heard saying to Bennett, “You understand this. We hear somebody shooting in there, everyone’s running, everyone’s down, you’re running. You understand how that looks though?”

Watch the full altercation:

When things finally settled down, Bennett told them who he was, and cops let him go.

Sheriff Lombardo said, “I am not here to disparage him. As often in the case, there are two sides to every story.”