Florida doesn’t want O.J. Simpson

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LOVELOCK, NV -- Well, O.J. Simpson is NOT welcome in Florida.

That's the word from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who's trying to squeeze O.J. right out of the Sunshine State.

O.J. is expected to be released from a Nevada prison as early as Monday. But Bondi's so pissed off by his plans to move with family in Florida, that she sent a letter to the State Department of Corrections, basically begging them to deny O.J.'s request. She cites everything from burdening local law enforcement to the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman murders.

"I'd much rather see him in jail. I have this weird notion that bad people who have committed crimes belong in jail," said Fred Goldman, who backs Bondi's letter. "Not getting out early, not getting out at all in some cases."

Well, like it or not, O.J.'s getting out of prison.

The Nevada Parole Board unanimously ruled in favor of granting The Juice early parole after serving only nine years of his 33 year armed robbery and kidnapping sentence.

The question now -- Will Bondi's letter delay his release? Is it enough to ban him from Florida? No one seems to know. Even O.J.'s attorney admits he's in the dark.

"I'm not aware of what the plan is to be honest with you. I really just don't know," Attorney Malcolm LaVergne said. "At this point, the Nevada Department of Corrections is in control. I'm hearing the same things that the media is hearing."

Well, when we hear more, we'll let ya know.