75 years later: Fletcher’s Corny Dogs still face of the State Fair of Texas

DALLAS -- The old Midway ad blared over a speaker in a throwback Fletcher's Corny Dogs wagon.

"Don't put a tiger in your tank! Put a Fletcher's Corny Dog in your tummy!"

It was the original ad for a 75-year-old State Fair of Texas franchise according to Fletcher's Owner G.G. Fletcher.

The opening weekend of the State Fair means lining up for the undisputed main attraction, Fletcher's. Don't argue with us on this one. Even G.G. was once fan girling over the corny dog perfection.

"It was part of my family tradition," she told NewsFix Saturday. "We were living in East Texas, and we came every other year, and we'd have for lunch a Fletcher's Corny Dog."

G.G. married into this corny empire, but you can tell it's in her blood.

"We are the Corny Dog," she said, putting the record straight. "We're Fletcher's Corny Dogs, and we're not just a plain, old corn dog."

It isn't all happy this year, though. It's the first fair since her husband, Skip Fletcher, died.

"Some days I say my tear ducts just won't stop leaking," she said.

Fletcher's Corny Dogs Owner G.G. Fletcher poses with "Mr. Corny" and a 75th anniversary cake.

Fans haven't forgotten, though.

"It is heartwarming when they come up. It is hard too, but I wouldn't ask them not to," G.G. Fletcher said.

Those fans aren't just paying their respects to G.G. They're doing it by coming out in droves, as usual, and mowing down some Corny Dogs.

So get out to Fair Park, and head back in time for a State Fair tradition 75 years strong.