‘The Champ’ is here! Big Tex gets a new friend

If you live in Texas, you could identify this voice anywhere.

The distinct greeting from our friend Big Tex the tall cowboy has been a symbol of the state fair of Texas for 65 years! And now that we think about it, it's been a solo job all those years, until now.

"We have Big Tex on the other side of the fairgrounds, in Big Tex circle, and we saw another opportunity to bring an icon and a tradition to the state fair of Texas, because that is all about here is tradition,” says Karissa Condoianis, Public Relations for State Fair of Texas

Introducing Clifford the steer! And he isn't just any steer, he's a champ!

Condonianis says, "This is actually to replicate the grand champion steer that won the youth livestock auction last year at the 2016 State Fair of Texas, Clifford was his name and he was here and he won and sold for a record 131, 000 thousand dollars"

We all know Big Tex is a big guy, so naturally, the champ had to be able to match up to the big guy especially being the new kid on the block.

"So the steer is 10 feet tall and fifteen feet long, so he’s a big guy. You know we have Big Tex whose 55 feet tall we needed something that could rival that, “says Condonianis.

Yes, Big Tex has gained a buddy to share the special task of welcoming people from all over the world to the state fair of Texas.