Simon Says: Why President Trump should just shut-up and listen to the “Dos Equis” guy!  

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At least there’s one good thing about all this "will they take a knee stuff" with the NFL: We're all watching the National Anthem now!

No eating, scratching or talking going on.

We’re focused on how so many men can say so much without even saying a word.

Saying less is more, especially if you walk into a situation where others have a preconceived perception of you based on your job, your clothes, or the way you look.

The ‘Dos Equis’ guy is a classic example. He just has to say, “stay thirsty” and he’s got you!

The reality: his name is Jonathan Goldsmith, a Jewish guy of Russian descent who was once a garbage man. When you hear him talk, he may not be so interesting to you.

Give him a few words with a great accent and you’re in. Imagine if  Mr. Dos Equis was running around saying, “Make America Great Again.”

He would have my vote, but does Donald Trump still have yours?

It hit me when he referred to football players and called anyone who takes a knee an SOB.

Don’t you think we’ve hit a time in this presidency when “less really can be more”?

Trump is the leader of the free world. The day he took the oath, he immediately got one of the benefits of the job: he doesn’t have to be the smartest guy in the room.  The job title alone gives him the ability to be a great "listener and chief."

You can ruin things by opening your mouth.

We ALL can use this advice about saying less.

Wear a graduation cap, people expect you to be smart. Use a gavel in a courtroom, they expect you to be wise. You get the idea.

Take advantage of how people may perceive you and run with it.

It works for selling beer and even peanuts! The hat does make the man when it comes to Mr. Peanut!

But be careful. If you go too far you could end up looking like a nut.

And in the case of President Trump, dialing it down a notch may help us get “buy” with what he’s selling.