Ah crap! Poop-scandal stinks up another Colorado city!

DENVER, CO-- We told you about the lady in a Colorado Springs neighborhood running around pooping everywhere. Now Alex Renteria claims his alleyway in Denver has become a public toilet for well anybody that's gotta go!

"They literally sh*t in my alley," he explained. "You can go next to that trash can and I promise you'll find [poop]."

Alexis fed up with the load of crap he claims is left from homeless folks and careless strangers who leave from nearby bars.

"People leave the bars and come right down my alley and defecate and urinate-- whatever they have to do," he added.  "It's not sanitary, not safe, it's very explicit, to begin with."

What makes this story even crappier?

Alex is only an hour and a half away from where "Miss Runs" was spotted!

Unlike Charmin, who said they'll give her a year's supply of TP is she turns herself in!

Alex has a different poo-plan...

"I was thinking about putting up a porta potty at both ends of my block, maybe these people can have a restroom."