Kushner’s a lady?! Well, that’s according to his voter’s I.D.

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NEW YORK, NY -- The fact Jared Kushner's voter ID says he's a woman has everybody confused!

This is the same Kushner who's President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser! It's also the same Kushner who has recently made headlines for allegedly using a private email account to talk to White House officials.

Pretty sure the hype surrounding that scandal is sidelined by this whole voter ID stuff!

So ... is Mr. Kushner really a Ms.?

According to his public New York State voter info from '09, dude's a lady!

Several sources say these records reveal Kushner's currently registered to vote as a woman.

Now before we get our panties in a bunch here, this could be a huge mistake. Maybe Kushner accidentally penciled in the wrong thing?

Or... maybe he didn't know how to fill out the dang form!

Either way, folks aren't forgetting his father-in-law claimed millions of people voted illegally in the election. Basically throwing shade at Hillary Clinton's popular vote victory!

We can't wait to hear what excuse the first family's cooking up right now!

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