Plano engineer returns from Uganda after working on building a school!

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PLANO -- You probably remember Devyn Howell, the civil engineer from Plano who went to Uganda with Engineering Ministries International to help build a school as part of a Hope Alive! project - well she’s back!

“It takes usually about a week to adjust back to I’ would say normal life,” she says.

Makes sense with the 20 plus hour flights and eight-hour time difference!

"The trip was amazing," she says, "we’d wake up around 630, we’d have devotions around 7 […] the work day consisted of, the engineers would go one way and the architects would go the other - we went out to the site quite a bit, we had to do some soil testing and soil stability testing.”

This on top of touring other schools and getting immersed in the community.

The project - in its beginning stages - will service all ages and start with the older ones who decided *not to take the daily six-mile walk to the nearest school.

“You know that those kids are the ones being served which gives you kind of a sense of gratitude and peace."

She even saw signs of improvement since her last visit in January of 2016 - a water well instead of a hole in the ground.

"It’s just a different experience when you come home and what you have available to you and just to see the blessings you look at it differently.”

She says she had this opportunity because of her strong community and relationships over the years, especially her employer - DalTech Engineering.

"To not only give me two weeks off but also to support the mission, to me that’s a big statement and I appreciate that a lot."

And for those hoping to follow it Devyn's footsteps?

"People underestimate their abilities and underestimate what they can do for others - even if you don’t think you can afford it or you don’t think your schedule will allow it, it will happen. God provides and everything always falls into place when it’s his plan."

Look out for Devyn's next trip which she hopes to take in about another 18 months.