Man charged for decapitating puppy

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PHOENIX -An Arizona man is charged after decapitating a puppy.

Authorities say the 29-year-old DeCarlos Jones had got into an argument with his girlfriend and took it out on her pet.

Police say Jones returned to the north Phoenix apartment he shares with his girlfriend on Monday afternoon.

Jones reportedly upset that his girlfriend had been talking to another man, decides to take it out on the girlfriend’s six-month old puppy, Bella.

The girlfriend was away at the time. According to police, Jones takes the puppy to the bathroom, beats and stabs it in tub, then decapitates the animal for the girlfriend to find when she got home.


“When officers arrived they did locate a puppy that was deceased,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune said. “The suspect who was in the apartment and basically admitted he had argued with his girlfriend and that he had harmed the pet.”

An eviction notice today on the door of the north Phoenix apartment where it all went down.

“I really wish people wouldn’t take their anger out on animals or even violence like that,” neighbor Chantal Hansen said. “That’s absolutely awful and disgusting to do ever, ever.”

“Anything with obviously animals, children, elderly where there is no ability to defend themselves, really tugs at people’s hearts,” Fortune said.


Jones says he has PTSD and is bipolar.

He faces a single count of animal cruelty.