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Halloween decorations that got way too real!

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GREENVILLE, Tenn. - Johnny Riddle called 911 in a panic saying, "I didn't know what happened until I already went by. I saw the blood."

After hearing that on a 911 call, you'd think it was a call about a gruesome crime scene, right?

"I thought it was somebody. I thought it was somebody laying up there on the driveway. I told them what happened and they said, 'We'll send somebody out to check it,'” said Riddle.

Well, it turned out not to be as serious as Johnny Riddle first thought. What he saw were Halloween decorations in front of Joseph Lovergine's garage door.

"This morning about 10 o'clock, I get a pounding on the door,” Lovergine said.  "When the police came, they pulled the boot off to make sure there wasn't a person in there."

A pretend body stuffed with paper, food coloring for blood and even handprints. The whole thing looked real.

So real, the Green County Sheriff's office posted a photo of the décor on Facebook advising people not to call 911 to report a body.

Now, this isn't the only home out there giving people an early Halloween scare. A guy in Guthrie, Oklahoma is taking his decor to new heights.

The words 'graphic' and 'disturbing' have been used to describe the scene outside of Tyler Everest’s home.

"It's really the only time of year that people like me who love the unknown, love haunted houses, love horror movies can really express how much they like it,” Everest said.

Now that Everest knows he's freaked the kids out with his horror movie-like scene outside his home, he plans to tone it down so they won't be afraid to hang around Halloween night.



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