Class Act: Keller High senior creates new intramural sports program

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KELLER — High school sports can be one of the most stressful things in a student’s life, but Andrew Nelson is out to change all that, making him our Class Act of the Week.

Andrew is a senior at Keller High, where for years he was a top-flight tennis player.

“I became one of the top-ranked players in the state of Texas and I just got burned out because I was playing all the time,” said Andrew. “I was practicing all the time and it just got to the point that I was just sick of the sport and it was so much more fun for me to play basketball and ultimate Frisbee with my buddies on the weekend.”

And that inspired him to establish a new intramural sports club at Keller.

“People were so tired of just being bound to one sport at such a big 6A high school, like we are, where sports are very, very competitive,” Andrew said. “I wanted to create a club that allowed students to play different sports while being able to focus on their main sport as well without having to deal with competition or pressure to win.”

The club helps give students a wide variety of athletic experience and helps sports be stress-free rather than tension packed. It also gives an outlet for students who want to play, but who may not want to go varsity.

“I mean I’m not that athletic but I thought it would be kind of fun to play around and stuff,” Alleigh Grubb, one of the intramural team members said. “And I’ve also made a lot of new friends so that’s really exciting.”

“Students show up and they laugh and they play and they joke and when they mess up it’s okay,” said Christie McFarland, an English teacher at Keller. “A lot of them need that. They need a place where they can mess up and it’s okay.”

So with more people getting involved in sports for the first time, and athletes getting a much-needed break from the competition, sounds like Andrew is making High School sports fun again!

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