Chew on This: Louie’s offers a special experience after 30 years of biz

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DALLAS – Two Midwest brothers, one passion, and 30 plus years of business.

"Louie's was a family dream all my father's life,” Chris Canelakes told Newsfix. "We decided to name the business after my brother because he was so popular."

Louie's, located on North Henderson Avenue, started out as a media bar.

"Louie was the king of the media,” Canelakes said. “They just loved him."

And as the area changed, serving food became a demand. But despite adding new ingredients, business kept coming. And then came the unexpected.

Four years ago, Louie fell ill – and never recovered. Now his brother is keeping the family business going in his honor. And nothing keeps people coming back like good food – especially pizza.

"Pizza was the bloodline when we first opened up,” Canelakes said. "It's a quality item. Tomatoes from Italy, cheese from Wisconsin."

Chew on This: Aside from the classics, Louie's is creating some special pies for you Newsfix viewers.

"I thought we'd try and get creative and do a few theme pizzas,” Canelakes told Newsfix.

From the pear and gorgonzola pizza, with arugula, to the Hawaiian pie with pineapples and Canadian bacon, to the Mediterranean, to the BBQ chicken. Even a cheeseburger pizza, topped with pickles.

So swing by and ask about the Newsfix special. Just be sure to understand that dining at Louie's is something special in itself.

"After 30 years plus here, it'd be easy to go into retirement,” Canelakes said. “But since Louie's passed, it seems almost like a mission to his name up on the sign, keep the business going, and just how special of a guy he was to make it all work every day."

Here's to keeping Louie's legacy going – one slice at a time.

"I hope he's got a big smile on his face because I'm trying to do everything he'd want.”