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Post Trump-matic Stress Disorder: Real?

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Hey, politics can be stressful, we get it.

But some people say the current political climate is pushing them over the edge.

"Anytime there is a change of the guard, so to speak, or someone coming in taking over office, there are always a group of individuals that feel a sense of anxiety," said Dr. Henderson  of Four Stones Collaborative Group.

Some folks are calling it 'Post Trump-matic Stress Disorder,' and people looking for help think this anxiety is the real deal.

"He's going to change people's lives, directly," said Elizabeth Salerno, who has felt stressed since President Trump was elected. "I would say I'm more stressed in how it can affect everyone. I feel like I'm very privileged, and seeing everyone else who hasn't come from the same background... [they] are feeling a lot more of the weight."

One woman NewsFix with says it's actually all of the fighting on social media that's stressing her, not necessarily President Trump himself.

"I was never as guarded about what my opinion was about certain issues," said Jenny Edelman. "The minute I click on social media, I feel like my mood just drops and it's because of the anger and the hate."

So what's the treatment for when The Donald's got you stressed?

Massages while Obama speeches play lightly in the background? Tea time while perusing GW's artwork?

Dr. Henderson says it all starts with working on yourself.

"Tune out what you're hearing around you," Henderson said. "Focus in on what you know you can do on a day to day basis and you will experience peace and serenity in your own life."

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