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Hurricane Maria slams Puerto Rico, leaves the entire island without power

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Puerto Ricans woke  up to the destruction Hurricane Maria left behind.

The category four storm pummeled the island Wednesday with winds of 155 mph. The U.S. territory hadn't seen a storm that strong in nearly a century.

"I never seen something like that. Never in my life," one resident said.

It ripped roofs off of buildings, destroyed homes, flooded streets and left the entire island without electricity. Power restoration could take up to six months.

Authorities say Maria has destroyed what was already fragile infrastructure.

President Trump has declared a major disaster on the island, meaning the U.S. territory can now receive federal assistance.

"We are starting the process now and we'll work with the governor and people of Puerto Rico," President Donald Trump said.

Dozens of special responders from Indiana's Task Force One are on their way to the hurricane-ravaged  island. New York has also deployed its search and rescue team to Puerto Rico.

Maria isn't stopping yet. It slammed the Dominican Republic on Thursday as a category 3 storm. Next in her sites: Turks and Caicos.

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