The good and bad of teenagers growing up slower than ever

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SAN DIEGO, CA -- Teens these days, you think they're growing up so fast! Turns out, they actually may not be.

A new study says teens are growing up slower than they were back in the good old days, at least mentally. Apparently, today's 18-year olds act like 15-year olds from the 90s.

On the surface, it may sound bad to you, but that's not necessarily the case. For example, they're drinking alcohol and getting their driver's licenses later, which lowers the risk of car accidents. Get this: they're dating later too. You know what that means! Teen pregnancies are at an all-time low!

Here's where the bad starts to come into play. They're working less, which means they're not as prepared for college and adulthood.

What's holding these teens back? The study says their phones are the culprit. These kiddos would rather check their feed's than getting into trouble in the real world.

One teen told NewsFix, "Now all you see is kids walking around, looking down at their phones all day in school, and they're not getting any work done."

The study says as technology keeps blowing our minds, 18-year olds are going to start acting like 13-year olds in no time.

That's probably the last thing parents want to hear.