Not one, but THREE storms brewing in the Atlantic

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ATLANTIC OCEAN -- Here. We. Go. Again.

Not one, not two, but three storms are brewing in the Atlantic: Hurricane Jose, Tropical Storm Maria, and Tropical Storm Lee.

Jose is going to hit first and is already a category one, but weather experts say it's just going to skim a little bit of the coast with wind and rain. As for Florida, the National Weather Service Miami tweeted some reassurance:

The same can't be said for Tropical Storm Maria who's right on Jose's heels. She's expected to be a hurricane in no time, hitting major status by Wednesday. Not good news, especially since Maria's path is going straight for areas like Puerto Rico that have already been devastated by Irma. It's still too early to tell if she'll impact south Florida.

Right behind Maria, is Tropical Storm Lee. Thankfully, Lee is expected to turn into a depression, so we won't have to worry about him much.

One storm leaves, three more pop up. Give us a break!