Target is slashing prices AND hiring more than 100,000 holiday workers

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Target hit the bullseye (get it? ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ˜‚) with TWO big announcements this week. Prices at the retail giant are decreasing and the red-vested workforce is increasing by 100,000 this holiday season.

Target says it will be cutting prices of certain items in their stores, including everyday groceries like milk and eggs. This comes not long after Amazon slashed prices at grocery store giant Whole Foods.

Target says it will continue to "offer additional savings on the right products at the right times."

And they'll have plenty of employees to re-stock the shelves.ย Target is hiring more than 100,000 temporary workers for the holidays -- a sharp increase over last year.

The company announced Wednesday that the jobs will be in stores and distribution and fulfillment centers. The workers will stock shelves, help customers, pack and load products and fill online orders.

In 2016, Target brought on 77,500 temporary workers.

Target will hold recruiting events at each of its 1,800 stores from October 13 through 15. The company says applicants can interview and even be offered jobs on the spot.

Prospective hires can also apply online.

The temporary workers get a few benefits, including a 10% discount at the store and online, and 20% for fruits, vegetables and other "wellness" products.

Employees who already work at Target can increase their hours during the holiday season.