Plano mass murder: How can we break the cycle of domestic violence?

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PLANO-  After a weekend mass shooting in Plano left 8 friends dead, advocates at Genesis Women's Shelter and Support say it's time we start taking domestic violence more seriously.

"The number one question I'm asked is, "'Why didn't she get out? Why doesn`t someone just leave?'," said Jan Langbein, CEO at Genesis. "The question we should be asking is, 'Why does the perpetrator abuse his wife or his partner?'"

Meredith Hight was having a football watch party with friends when her estranged ex-husband showed up at her home and opened fire.

"She did everything right," Langbein said. "She did everything that society tells her to do and, in this case, that did not help."

While this incident hits close to home, it's certainly not an isolated event.

"What it's going to take for domestic violence to stop, is that we have a societal paradigm shift that holds accountable perpetrators at that first that first shove," Langbein said. "This is more deadly than smoking or drunk driving."

Langbein says it's time for everyone to step up and help stop domestic violence.

"We, as neighbors, as friends, need to be able to stand up and say, 'I'm scared for you,'" Langbein said. "If you see something, say something. Be willing to be a part of the solution and know the resources."