Stand UP! Sitting down for too long can kill you

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Are you forced to sit down for a long hours every day?

Well, a new study found that no matter how much you exercise, sitting down for too long can kill you. Researchers examined around 8,000 adults. They found their average sitting time in a 16 hour waking day to be 12.3 hours.

"Simply doing some exercise with your legs. Spin your feet around to actually get the blood flowing. Make sure to drink plenty of water, and if you can, get up and walk around," Dr. Sanjay Gupta said.

Wait, we do have some good news. Most pregnant women in the U.S. don't drink alcohol.

Yup, not even one glass.

According to the American Congress of Obstetricans & Gynecologists, there is not a safe level of alcohol use during pregnancy.

And the good thing is, expecting American women apparently don't want to take the risk,

The CDC says about 90% of pregnant women say they avoid drinking while pregnant.

That's good and all, but isn't this something we expect soon-to-be mothers to do?

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