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Scientists say Zika virus could kill brain cancer

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Scientists say the Zika virus could kill the most common and most aggressive form of brain cancer.

The Journal of Experimental Medicine published a study showing the virus can kill glioblastoma in human and animal tissue samples.

Glioblastoma is the same kind of cancer Arizona Senator John McCain was diagnosed with over the summer.

Earlier, we spoke to one of the study's researchers about how the treatment would work.

"I think it`s early days but one of the problems in glioblastoma is that it comes back almost every time, and the reason why it comes back is because existing therapeutic modalities fail to get the stem cells," Michael Diamond, Washington University School of Medicine, Study Author said.  "The idea is that if we could get all of the stem cells using this virus, then we might be able to cure it. As I say, this is still early days, but it`s very promising that it targets these stem cells whereas none of the other existing therapies target these stem cells in particular."

The study's researchers plan to do more tests over the next year, and hope to be able to start clinical trials in 18 months.

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