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Yep… Armpit tattoos ARE a thing.

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REGENSBURG, GERMANY -- Stylish... or stupid?

Getting tattoos is nothing new, but now people are getting them in one of the last places you'd think of: the armpits! This is a real thing folks! People are getting their pits tatted, and we hate to say it but they're not all bad!

Floral seems to be the main choice:

People do have some funny ones! Like this one with the spider:

Or this smelly pit with the garlic:

Before you go running to the nearest tattoo shop, new research suggests tattoos could give you cancer.

Turns out, titanium dioxide, a chemical used in the ink to create colors, has been connected to delayed healing, raised skin, and itching.

However, scientists say small amounts of the chemical can travel to your lymph nodes and stays in the bloodstream for life, which isn't good because your lymph nodes are what keeps your immune system ticking.

So before you get inked forever, do your research. Sterile needles aren't the only things to watch out for.

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