Fitt 33: Fail proof your back to school routine

Back to school season has arrived, and with that comes schedule changes. Fit33 wants to help you get setup for success!

Let's talk morning routine. If you're anything like most parents, morning plans include getting your child setup to win the day and little to no time is set aside for you. Let's change that up!

The first place to start when fail proofing your routine is to look back, sit down and think about past years and the routines you've managed to work through.

Define pitfalls. If you know waiting until the evening to have time for a workout isn't going to work for you, be real with yourself and find a time that will. This may mean waking up a little earlier or getting in a quick 30 minute session at lunch.

Write down your goals! We all have hopes that we will get in shape or lose weight, but until those are written down into a plan, they won't be realized. Write down your daily schedule and take stock of when you can have some "me time".

Make changes to the "rut" if coming home and collapsing on the couch is the norm. Try something different! Stretching with the family for 15 minutes in the evening promotes health and better sleep!

Making small, manageable changes is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. We all have 24 hours, prioritize what is truly important in your life and win the day!