Texas Task Force returns home after helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

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DALLAS-Two weeks ago, a task force made up of emergency responders headed towards the coast to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"These people, in many times, have lost everything they have," said Ken Bailey of Task Force 2. "They have no water, they have no septic, they have no power and they've lost everything."

Now, these teams have finally made their way back to home to Dallas after working through the devastation.

"We stayed in San Antonio until it hit, and then we moved to a military base, and from there we were boots on the ground," said Andrea Sutcliffe of Task Force 2.  "You know there's a mission out there, and there are people who need your help, so you get out there and do what you need to do. As tired as you are when you get back at home at night, the next thing in the morning you're going to get up and go."

The teams are made up of emergency responders from all around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.