State of Emergency: Florida gets ready for Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma is one of the largest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic. Just how big is it? The size of Michigan! The storm is so large it's showing up on seismometers, devices used to measure earthquakes.

The death toll from Hurricane Irma is at 10. At least eight people died in Saint Martin and a two-year-old died in Barbuda.

And it isn't over. As it continues its havoc over the Caribbean, it will stop in the Sunshine State.

A state of emergency for Florida has been declared.

Irma is projected to hit Florida on Sunday as a category 4 storm. But Florida isn't trying to ride out the storm.

"It’s a mandatory evacuation, we want people to take that seriously and get off Miami Beach, including residents and visitors."

Supplies flying off the shelves, long lines for gas with people waiting up to two hours, sandbags, you name it, Florida is preparing for the worst.

But just in case some decide to stay, they may want to download Zello, a new app that turns your phone into a walkie-talkie.

Zello helped rescuers save thousands during Hurricane Harvey and it's the top app on iTunes and Google Play with over 1 million downloads coming from Florida and Puerto Rico.

Only thing is, you need a phone signal.  No Wi-Fi and no data mean no Zello. But mobile data networks have remained on through natural disasters, so that might not even be an issue.