Simon Says: Why North Korea should be scared to death you can’t kill a hurricane!  

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I think it’s easy to say we’re all exhausted when it comes to hurricanes.

When a ‘Harvey’ or ‘Irma’ move in—there really goes the neighborhood.

I want Kim Jong Un to listen to what I’m about to say. Trust me, it concerns him.

Superman would have a tough time dealing with a hurricane. They are forces of nature that can’t be stopped.

A lot of people have come up with what they think are “super” ideas to tear down a hurricane.
I found this patent application online, something about a machine on a boat.

There’s also the idea of dropping chemicals into a storm, creating a real big plastic inner tube to cool off the ocean water, and I’m sure you’ve heard the suggestion about a nuclear bomb.

Nukes won’t work.

Especially when you consider an average hurricane expends as much energy as 10,000 nuclear bombs.

Ok, here is where Kim Jong Un gets interested.

Think about it: hurricanes are catastrophes waiting to happen, and science stands in our way of stopping them.

Kim Jong Un is also a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Sure, his new bomb may not be a strong as this Hurricane Irma,  but we know his path. There’s no cone of uncertainty!  North Korea likely thinks going nuclear means going to the negotiating table for a higher profile on the world stage.

They’re wrong.

We don’t need a patent to stop North Korea’s  path of destruction.  We don’t need tweets from Trump either.

That should scare the hell out of Kim Jong Un.

Because for 70 years his family has ruled and isolated North Korea and now they’ve become the “squeaky wheel” with the bomb.

Remember this:  every dictator has his day.

So, for all those guys taking notes wherever ‘Kim’ goes, write this down: you can’t mess with a force of nature, but when you threaten force you likely won’t survive.