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Floridians continue to prep for Hurricane Irma

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NAPLES, FL — St. Maarten has already felt Irma’s wrath. And she still has an eye for Florida, where preparations are well under way for that one-on-one date expected this weekend.

“This is a massive storm. This is much bigger than Andrew,” said Florida Governor Rick Scott. “So everybody in Florida has got to get prepared. We’re being very aggressive at the state level. And I hope every citizen in our state will be aggressive.”

And many Floridians are heeding the warnings as people leave store shelves bare throughout the state.

Irma’s the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade, but it’s also fast-moving, which means you won’t see the biblical amount of rainfall that Harvey left behind.

We know much of this – because of the brave men and women who are quite literally flying directly into the eye of the storm to take measurements for meteorologists so they can accurately predict where the storm is likely to go… and in turn what the people in its path should do.

“I cannot stress this enough — do not ignore evacuation orders.  Remember, we can rebuild your home, but we cannot rebuild your life,” says Scott.

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