Watch: East Texas woman steals police vehicle, leads high speed chase

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LUFKIN, TX -- Makeup. It's all over our Instagram feeds and Youtube videos.

Now, it's smacked right in the middle of a police chase in East Texas, and it was all caught on camera!

It all started when Toscha Sponsler was busted for shoplifting at an Ulta. She was handcuffed and put in the back of a police SUV.

While cops were looking through her bag of goods, apparently no one had eyes on her. She was able to slip off her handcuffs, squeeze through the partition and jump in the driver's seat and take off.

She led cops on a 23-minute-chase that reached 100 miles per hour.

Spike strips didn't work, but a state trooper finally used the pit maneuver to make her spin out.

She hit a tree and was rearrested.

Besides shoplifting, Sponsler can now add escape, assault against a public servant, and a few other things to her list of charges.

Yup, her record could end up with a lot of blemishes makeup can't cover.