Spice of Blythe: Smoking salmon & cooking with the ones you love

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This week, Pink Magnolia Executive Chef Blythe Beck takes the cooking to her home!

She introduces us to the Chef de Cuisine, and her fiancé, Nathan Black. He takes us through the steps of smoking salmon from the comfort of your own home, and says you can do it with any sort of meat!

Nathan says he used Scottish Salmon from his local grocery store, washed it, cut a slit to filet his fish, washed it again, and started on his rub.

He uses two cups of lightly browned sugar, half a cup of kosher salt, and about five table spoons of garlic power.

Nathan also added something a little extra special to spice up his life for the Spice of Blythe. He put in a little bit of Cayenne pepper.

Next, he coated the pan with the rub, laid down the salmon for a 24 hour nap in the fridge, and put more rub over the salmon.

After marinating for 24 hours and a quick rinse, the salmon is candied and ready for another two hours, chilling at room temperature before heading to the cooker.

Nathan says he cooks his salmon for two hours with cherry wood and then adds some apple or pecan wood for an extra 30 minutes.

Blythe takes a bite and the verdict is - smokey, sweet and delicious!

Spice of Blythe: "Cook with the ones you love, if you're lucky enough to get to cook with someone like this. This is such a special treat for me. First of all, no one ever cooks for a chef, so having another chef in the family is fabulous, but it's also time you get to spend together doing labors of love of food,  cooking and just being together. I love him, I love food and I love this salmon. Thank you so much baby for coming with me!"