Zeke WILL play Sunday, but uh, there’s a but…

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DALLAS — It’s official like a referee with whistle.

Ezekiel Elliott will “eat” Sunday against the Giants, but who knows when he’ll have another chance.

Why? Well, his six-game suspension — the one stemming from domestic violence allegations from his ex-lover  — was actually upheld by the NFL arbitrator Tuesday night.

So, now the fight goes from the field to the federal courthouse. The judge will reportedly rule Friday if Zeke can get a restraining order to stop the league from enforcing the suspension.

In a statement, Zeke’s attorney said he is “extremely disappointed” in the arbitrator’s “inability to navigate through the league’s politics.”

So, Zeke will be on the field for Week One as the Cowboys take on the Giants. As for Week Two, who knows?!

But for now… time to eat!