Cash donations needed to help Harvey victims

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GARLAND - When it comes to donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey, folks from across the nation have poured into the Lone Star state.

“Coming from Florida, I’ve seen the after-effects of major hurricanes and how people suffer and that`s what touched me,” Daniel Foster from Tampa Florida said.

Taylor Grey with Trusted World has been overwhelmed with the support. “People have arrived with truckloads, tractor-trailer loads of goods that they just wanted to donate,” Grey said. “I have seen people arrive from Tennessee with massive amounts of gift cards. Everyone just wants to pitch in and help.”

The non-profit Trusted World has been gathering items for victims since Harvey hit the Texas coast. Over 300,000 square feet of warehouse space in Garland is being used to house the items, but now folks with trusted World have a greater need.

“Our greatest need right now is financial support and that's because we did have to move into this warehouse and that requires insurance,” Grey told Newsfix. “We need to make sure our volunteers are insured, we need to keep the lights on, we need pallets, forklifts, packing materials. It’s a major operation just to get all of these goods where they need to be now.”

Along with cash, time is just as valuable. Volunteers are needed to help sort the overwhelming amount of stuff in the warehouse.

“You guys are what is making us run efficiently. It’s incredible to watch. Everyone just comes in, takes ownership, and dives right in and the public is making this massively successful.”