Beauty and Brains! Ladies at the Texas Auto Show know their stuff

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DALLAS- We've all seen the "Auto Babes" who stand next to cars out at the State Fair of Texas auto shows.

But now, these ladies will be offering more than just pretty faces.

"What we're doing, is we're taking all the sexy pizzaz, and we're mixing that with making sure our product specialists are well trained, diverse individuals," Productions Plus' Hedy Popson said.

Popson is the boss over at Productions Plus, where she pairs up beauty and brains to make sure the women standing in front of the hot new cars will know them, inside and out.

"We definitely combine that with the articulate ability to connect with the customer," Popson said.

Carly White has been on Popson's squad for years now, and she says people are constantly shocked when she can spit out facts on everything from torque to transmission.

"A lot of times, people will come up and say, 'You probably can`t answer this, but...' and then when we do, they're surprised," White said.

So this year at the fair, make sure pump your brakes before underestimating these ladies.