Fun it Forward: Ways to help Harvey victims without just donating

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DALLAS -- A mimosa, a band, runner, a pie, Nintendo... and Dirk? What could they possibly have in common?

A heart for hurricane relief!

"It's gonna take all of us to make this process as good as possible for all these hundreds of thousands, millions of people that need to rebuild their lives," said Deep Ellum Mimosa Walk participant Jensen Millar.

So while the situation remains serious in South Texas, North Texas is putting work in, both the old fashioned way with donation drives and calls to action and by cutting loose a little.

"We all need breaks," said Mimosa Walk organizer Jerod L. Dame. "We all need a way to celebrate one another."

Case in point, the Deep Ellum Mimosa Walk. Hundreds explored small businesses in Dallas' Deep Ellum, drink in hand, and they did it for the cause.

"I thought it was a great idea because we're giving back to people that are in need, very great need," said Mimosa Walk participant Diane Carter.

And they aren't the only ones walking the walk.

You can donate shoes through the Dallas Running Club, give diapers at Emporium Pies, and bid in a silent auction at Cultivar Coffee, September 16 from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Your beer means cash at a number of breweries, including Noble Rey Brewing Company, Dirk Nowitzki's giving all proceeds from his tennis tournament, and even the Goo Goo Dolls are accepting donations in exchange for cheaper tickets at Wednesday's Dallas concert.

Oh, and on Wednesday, more than 70 businesses are giving 20 percent of sales thanks to a fundraiser set up by Central Track called DTX4HTX.

"We're better off together as a whole as opposed to being independent," Dame said. "Being able to be of service to those who need help right now, it's just simply what we're called to do."

Feeling the call? There are links in this story to different causes, and dozens of others exist across the Metroplex. If you'd rather just donate, do that right here on