Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall makes her debut

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OAK CLIFF - There's a new chief in town, y'all.

On Saturday morning, the League of United Latin American Citizens threw a breakfast shindig to donate school supplies for children affected by Harvey. And what a perfect time for our new Dallas police chief to finally make her debut!

Domingo Garcia had nothing but good words for our new chief, saying she's the "First African-American woman police chief in Texas history and somebody who's bringing new ideas and concepts, and opening diversity into our Dallas Police Department. So we thought it was important we heard her voice and then she heard the community ask questions."

Chief Renee Hall came to Dallas from Detroit, and has already learned a thing or two about Texans. She said, "You guys eat a lot around here!"

Yes ma'am, we do!

Hall went on to tell NewsFix what her first steps as chief will be, "The key is community engagement. Making sure that we're working together, side by side, and that is what's going to quell any issues that arise between us."

As long as she's good with how much Texans love their Tex-Mex, we think she'll be just fine.