Trump to Texas (again): What he plans to do in Houston over the weekend

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HOUSTON-- President Trump's coming back to Texas Saturday, specifically bound for Houston.

Flood levels have dropped in the city and surrounding areas, but the President plans to take a look at what's being done for recovery.

He's also reportedly pledging $1 million from his own pocket to help storm victims -- making him the first sitting president to publicly donate that much money to a charitable cause.

On top of that, he's asking Congress to approve nearly $6 billion dollars for response and recovery efforts.

"We're working on emergency funding and doing everything we can," he said Friday.

That border wall the president's been talking about might be standing in the way.

The GOP has been reportedly looking to cut nearly a billion bucks from disaster accounts to help pay for the wall. That makes for a tight budget for Harvey relief. It's also a sign that a border wall really could happen.

So far, four companies will have 30 days to build border wall prototypes in the San Diego area.

The clock is also ticking for Russia.

The U.S. has ordered the Russian consulate in San Francisco to close up shop in the next 24 hours. They're also asking Russia to scale back its diplomatic presence in both Washington and New York.

Russia recently ordered the U.S. to cut back staff over there as well.

This back and forth started when Congress passed sanctions against Russia for invading Crimea in 2014 and for trying to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election.

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