Pittsburgh airport letting non-flyers through airport security

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PITTSBURGH, PA -- Getting through airport security is already a struggle, but the Pittsburgh International Airport is doing something no one has done in more than a decade.

They're opening their gates for non-flyers. Starting September 5, people who don't have an airline ticket can roam through Pittsburgh's airport willy-nilly.

For some people, it would mean being able to say their hellos or goodbyes at the gate. Others would be in it just for the shopping, which is a big thing at Pittsburgh International.

There are rules, though! Non-flyers will still have to go through security, show ID, and can only go during non-peak hours on weekdays. This type of thing hasn't happened since 9/11, and we all know the TSA is way more thorough now. Plus lines are long enough as it is!

However, airport security says when the lines get too long, they'll pull the non-flyers.

The union that represents the American Airlines flight attendants are raging against the idea. Bob Ross, the President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants said in a statement, "Having shoppers clog already frustratingly long TSA security lines will lead to flight delays and more passengers missing flights, especially during the busy holiday season."

It might be hard for flyers to get on board with this one.

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