Government investigates chemical plant explosion in south Texas

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CROSBY, Texas - Another issue as a result of Harvey is the massive chemical plant fire in Crosby, Texas. Government officials are launching an investigation into the explosion.

It happened early Thursday morning at Arkema Incorporated. Plant officials say overheated chemicals are to blame.

The fires and blasts sent plumes of lingering smoke over the area. More than a dozen sheriff deputies were sent to the hospital as a precaution and released.

Company officials say the chemicals involved are non-toxic, however, they did take precautions evacuating employees and residents within one-and-a-half miles of the plant.

'We did some modeling. We talked to some scientific experts. We talked to Homeland Security. We talked to EPA. We talked to TCEQ. We`ve all done models," Harris County Fire Marshall Rachel Moreno said. "So what we know is that our mile and a half perimeter, we feel very good about that. So we don`t expect the fire, the popping, and the smoke to have any effect outside of that one and a half mile perimeter."

Company officials say the fires burned themselves out by 5:30 pm but there are still concerns that more explosions could happen in the coming days.

They also said there's also a small chance the chemical could release into the flood water and not burn.

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