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Gassed up: Social media fuels panic at the pump

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DALLAS- After everyone freaked out over fuel on Thursday, the tanks are pretty dry.

Now, experts are saying we wouldn't even have a shortage if drivers hadn't made a mad dash to go fill up.

"You share one thing about gas stations being out of gas, and all of a sudden, people panic," said Taylor Mason, a social media/marketing expert at It Crowd Marketing.

Let's face it, social media helped gas up this problem. If this were the good old days, your granny wouldn't even have known to head to the tank, because she wouldn't have Twitter.

"I think, all this b******t," said one upset driver. "Whoever made that stuff up, they need to get their *** kicked."

You could say social media is a blessing and a curse, but next time, tell your friends and followers to chill out.

"People didn't want to hear the message of, 'Hurricane Harvey has impacted the oil refineries," Mason said. "They wanted to hear, 'Dallas is out of gas.'"

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