Chew on This: Winners BBQ dishes out good grub and good vibes

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PLANO – The best barbeque in Texas. Face it, it's a never ending debate. But if you find yourself in the middle of one, Winners BBQ should be on your list. Newsfix visited the Plano location, which is one of two. And as expected, there was a line. And a pretty calm one. But when we got to the back, there was a whole different vibe.

And you can immediately tell who's in charge. It's owner De'Andre Jackson. And he knows a thing or two about BBQ. A lot of which he learned from his father.

"We've always been BBQing for years,” Jackson told Newsfix. “My dad, Darryl McDowell, has always been BBQing for the community."

McDowell is the owner of III Fellas BBQ in Garland, which Winner’s will take over in the fall.

"When I went off to college I was always the guy grilling and cooking for the guys on the team and it just has kind of been a passion,” Jackson said.

Jackson, who played football at Iowa State, likes to bring that team mentality to his business.

"Customer service is just a way of life,” Jackson said. “It's how you are genuinely and really preach that. And we built a team around people who want to serve."

And speaking of team, it'll take one to eat some of the things they're offering. Chew on This: Winner’s BBQ offers a five-meat potato, a favorite for a lot of customers. And when it's not the food they're raving about, it’s the feels.

"It's really weird,” Donita Brown said. “It's like I work here. Everybody knows me in here. You know how you go to Chick-Fil-A and they're so pleasant? I've been here enough to where I feel like I'm family."

"It's bigger than BBQ,” Jackson told Newsfix. "We're sharing our blessings. And that's one of the biggest things. To make the people feel good and feeling like they're winning. That's why we call it Winner's BBQ."

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