The Salvation Army in Dallas is making sure Harvey evacuees are well-fed

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DALLAS- Everybody loves a good home cooked meal.

With a flick of the wrist, the Dallas Salvation Army is making sure Hurricane Harvey evacuees aren't going hungry.

"Yesterday it was chopped barbecue beef, a Texas favorite," said Blake Fetterman of the Salvation Army. "Today, we're doing salisbury steak."

These aren't just cold bag lunches with stale bread. The cooks are preparing more than 1500 hot plates each day to send over to the convention center.

"It's really critical that we're preparing good, healthy, warm meals," Fetterman said.

If you thought all this would keep the Salvation Army from doing what they usually do, you'd be wrong. They're still taking care of their day to day operations.

"We have the kitchen staff, we have the facilities," Fetterman said. "So we're able to scale up to serve these additional folks coming in to our community who need our support."

With so much still up in the air for Harvey's victims, they can count on at least one thing here in Dallas: They're always welcome.

"It's the heart of what we do," Fetterman said. "It's been amazing."