Sweet Donation: Girl Scouts donate cookie cash to Red Cross!

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DALLAS -- As the wrath of Hurricane Harvey continues to be felt, a group of girls is showing everyone that they're a squad of tough cookies.

"It feels good to know that you're helping save lives, from the little bit of work you do, you save lives,” says Avery Cousins, Girls Scouts, Troop 6591.

These 14 Girl Scouts, who are all right around 10 years old, have decided to help those affected by Harvey, in a very, very sweet way.

"Our girls, Troop 6591, decided at the end of last Girl Scout year that they wanted to donate part of their cookie sales to the American Red Cross,” said Troop 6591 Leader, Kirsten Trost. "We didn't make our donations over the summer, we decided to wait to the beginning of the school year and make our donation. And now with Hurricane Harvey, we feel it’s more important than any other time."

Four hundred dollars of their hard earned cookie cash will be given to the Red Cross to be given to those who need it. The most exciting part for these kiddos, finding someone who will match the cost!

Trist says, "So they definitely do want to challenge all of you that are thinking about making a donation, to make that donation to the American Red Cross."

There's no doubt about it, they've certainly lived up to their mission statement of courage, confidence, and character; and it's pretty sweet, considering the fact they're making the world better, one cookie at a time.