More gas stations running out of fuel in North Texas

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NORTH TEXAS — The gas shortages are here, and it’s all thanks to Hurricane Harvey. Station after station after station, completely out of fuel, leaving some folks to drive all over the Metroplex trying to find a drop.

“I drove from Richardson to Dallas on my lunch break to come down here to get gas,” Derek Cherry told us, while he filled up his car at Fuel City. “I’ve called around Richardson, Plano area and they were all out.”

And even where there is gas, the prices are spiking. Some places it got over $5 a gallon by this afternoon.

“I think it’s a little outrageous, don’t you think,” said one of the drivers at the Garland station. “I mean before the whole crisis of this gas started going on it was $2.50.”

So when can we expect relief?

Well according to a statement from AAA Texas, they say prices could rise by another 15 cents on average over the next week, but refineries are already starting to come back online and oil stocks in the Gulf are at above average levels.

That means by mid to late September prices should return to normal, but of course this situation is still very fluid.

So hopefully this will all be under control before DFW turns into a Mad Max world, driving everywhere trying to find the last gallon of gas.

In the meantime, don’t let your tank get under a quarter-full, and plan ahead, especially if you’re heading out for Labor Day weekend, because you never know how far you’ll have to go to find the next working station.