North Texas Organizations link up to help Harvey victims down south

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NORTH TEXAS -- For Bedford Fire Chief, Sean Fay, the mission to rescue as many Hurricane Harvey victims as possible is a personal one. When the storm made landfall in Houston he received word that some of his relatives were trapped in their house.

"It's tough whenever you have family talking to you and knowing that they're trapped," Fay told Newsfix.

His family and thousands of others are currently trapped in flooded houses and buildings in and around the Houston area. Earlier this week the Chief sent rescue crews. He says, "the outpour and need for assistance is undeniable" and in one night alone, his teams made over 30 rescues.

The Bedford Fire Department is not the only North Texas organization helping out! The Dallas Police Association loaded up relief supplies before hauling them to Houston. They've gathered much needed items such as food and clothing.

"We received a call from our brothers in blue in Houston and we're answering today," explained Jamie Castro. "Our officers down there haven't changed clothes since [Saturday]."

National non-profit, World Vision, has also filled dozens of supply trailers full of toiletries.

"We've already shipped out a load on Monday," explained North Texas site manager, Gilbert Young. "We're shipping out a couple more on Tuesday and today we're trying to get a couple more loads down to Houston."

Since there are thousands of people currently without power, local organization, Guns & Hoses is taking donations for generators.

"Houston needs generators for lights and to run some of their power for their refrigeration system," said David Swavey with Duns & Hoses.

The Fort Worth PD also announced that they are sending 100 officers along with some equipment to help in the relief effort.