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Harvey flooding causes shortages and high prices at North Texas gas stations

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NORTH TEXAS — The devastating flooding in South Texas is quickly being felt at North Texas pumps.

“The problem is all the refineries are down in Houston and now Port Arthur,” said Erik Kotanchik, Vice President of Operations at Fuel City. “So the largest refinery in the United States and the second largest refinery in the United States are down.”

And that means no gas coming from those refineries to us. The effects are already apparent, too. At least one gas station in Grand Prairie was running on empty, and the manager there told us it could be Thursday before more fuel arrives.

Kotanchik says we’re just getting started.

“Unfortunately I think it’s going to get worse throughout the weekend,” he said.

It’s not just scarcity, though, it’s also price. The cost of gas has already shot up by about 30 to 40 cents a gallon in the Metroplex and that’s only going to get higher.

“I would fill up sooner rather than later, simply just also because of the price,” Kotanchik advised. “The price is going to keep going up because this is going to take weeks if not months to get fully back to normal. So it’s going to be a long time and prices are going to go up rather than down.”

Some good news: The EPA announced steps that could help fight the shortage, but it’s still probably a good idea to fuel up soon before the tanks run low and the prices soar high.

But be nice out at those gas stations. No cutting folks off or panicking. While these gas problems might be a pain in the neck, it’s not even a drop in the tank compared to what our fellow Texans are facing down south.

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