Trump pardons Joe Arpaio and bans transgender from joining military

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Trump's brewing a storm of his own!

The President stepped on some toes when he pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

"For Donald Trump to come and just basically take away all the work that all these people put in, including me -- I was involved in this for many years -- without any thought," Rep. Ruben Gallego said. "The fact that he did it for somebody that was openly racially profiling Americans really says a lot about who Donald Trump is."

Arpaio was found guilty earlier this year, after he refused to stop arresting for no reason those he believed to be illegal immigrants.

Arpaio once said, "I'm the elected Sheriff. I report directly to the people, and I'm not going to be subservient to the federal government when they have come up with no proof."

Even though Arpaio was convicted, Trump pardoned him anyway!

With his pen still handy, Trump also officially signed a piece of paper banning transgender people from joining the military. Not only will the U.S. military not accept trans recruits, the memo also stops the use of government money for sex-reassignment surgeries for people who already serve.

So, what happens to the trans people who are already enlisted? Well, it's all fallen on the shoulders of Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, who will decide if they can stay or go.

We'll keep you posted on his decision.


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