Taylor Swift’s new song is stirring up drama

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INGLEWOOD, CA -- Taylor swift is no stranger to drama, and now her new single "Look What You Made Me Do" is blowing up the internet and stirring up even more drama.

For one, it didn't take long for fans to realize this song is basically a Kanye, Kim, and Katy Perry diss track.

Exhibit A: One of Taylor's lines is "Don't like your tilted stage." Fans have connected the dots and noticed Kanye used a tilted stage for his Ssaint Pablo tour. Not to mention Taylor's new album is coming out the same day Kanye's mom died ten years ago.

Exhibit B: There's a reference to the Mean Girls "Burn Book" for when Katy Perry tweeted this about Taylor:

Exhibit C: The phone call Kim K. leaked that had the internet trolling Swift with the snake emoji, hence all the snakes in the video.

Not only did the lyric video break records already, but the teaser for her music video is also getting a lot of attention, but not necessarily the good kind. People are saying Taylor is copying Beyonce!

One things for sure, whether she's dissing other celebs, or imitating them, T-Swift is back with a vengeance.



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