Whole Foods is getting a whole lot cheaper!

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SEATTLE, WA -- Good news for organic lovers, Amazon plans on lowering prices at Whole Foods!

The online giant officially takes control of the boujie grocery store on Monday and plans to slash prices on the same day. This is all part of the effort to make high-quality food more affordable to lower income families.

Morning Dose got with Mitzi Dulan, registered dietitian and nutritionist, to give us a break down of the sweet news and how you can take advantage of the whole thing.

"It is good news all around whenever we can get more foods at affordable prices for more consumers it’s a good thing," said Dulan.

Yep! From avocados to organic baby kale, it's all about saving dollars.

Dulan says, "I know I’m excited and many consumers can take advantage and it’s exciting to know what else Amazon might bring with their acquisition of Whole Foods."

Amazon also plans to spoil its customers by turning its prime membership program into a whole foods rewards program. So members who already pay the ninety-nine dollar a year service will see even more savings on top of the discounts.

Sounds like grocery shopping just got a "whole" lot cheaper!